Monday, July 5, 2010


ALTIS Belem Hotel by RISCO Architects

I've never thought of going to Portugal but the Altis Belem Hotel by Risco Architects located on historic Belem next to the Tangus River is a good enough reason for me to put it on my list of places to visit. The hotel opens up to the neighbouring spaces, capturing view not just of the harbour and its glistering waters but the daily bustle of the people around. A light mobile screen of natural materials on the facade of the hotel is its main feature which allows some privacy and views as well as shade the interior for the sun. This is a five star hotel whose glamour resides in the sophisticated blending of materials and space - I particularly love the detailing of the underside of the marble staircase. Just looking at the photographs alone makes me feel welcomed and relaxed at this unpretentious hotel - I'm sure the actual experience is much more wonderful.
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{r} said...

this hotel is beautiful! especially adore the underside of the marble staircase -- such a wonderful detail

jingmei said...

yes i wish i were there to experience the space myself!

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